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Adult Drivers Education


Are you an adult driver who would like to improve your driving skills or has never had the opportunity to learn to drive?  No problem! Burgess Driving School wants to equip each student, regardless of age, with the skills and abilities to be a safe driver and to ultimately experience the freedom and independence that comes from getting a driver’s license.  Our Adult Driver’s Education course is the first step in a student’s journey to becoming a legal, licensed driver.  Not only are we committed to equipping each student with the skills and knowledge to pass their state’s driving tests, but our adult driver education is also aimed at helping students become the best driver possible.

Who Should Attend Adult Driver Education?

Burgess Driving School has designed specific adult driver’s education programs for all of your needs.  Our driver’s education courses are great for adults who have never held an Illinois license, are new to this country, have incurred violations or accidents that have eroded their confidence, drivers who have gotten their licenses revoked, or drivers who simply want to learn how to be better drivers.  Burgess Driving School, with its group of highly trained instructors, is the perfect solution to prepare you to drive or improve your driving skills.  We provide the following adult driver education programs for new drivers as well as those licensed drivers needing to hone their skills, rebuild confidence, or review safe driving skills and techniques after a temporary suspension:

  • Adult Drivers Education Course (for new drivers over the age of 18 who have never held an Illinois drivers license or taken a certified drivers education course)

  • Adult Short Review Course (for drivers with a current Illinois drivers license desiring a review before testing)

  • Behind-the-Wheel Lesson (for drivers with a current Illinois drivers license needing to build up their knowledge and skill level)


Need more information?  Visit our FAQ's section for answers to the most common questions or go to our RESOURCES page for links to the Illinois Secretary of State's CyberDriveIllinois website and other downloadable pages to help you along.  If you're ready to get started, simply click the box below to register.

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